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So you want to hunt big game?

We can help you get that big game hunt you have always wanted. At Elevation Hunting we strive to be the best outfitter possible for your big game hunt need because we understand you. We are you.

Whether you want a Canadian black bear hunt, moose hunt, elk hunt, deer hunt, or other specialty hunts, we can provide a location and outfitting service for you. Our guides and outfitters have years of professional experience and will do everything necessary to insure that you have a world class experience on your trophy hunt.

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We provide some of the best black bear hunting property available in the greater British Columbia area that includes over 880,000 acres of Canadian wilderness.

If moose hunting is more your style, we have plenty of moose tags available in our BC hunting area.

We also have access to public and private hunting areas in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana for your rifle or bow hunts.

Please contact us at anytime about guided hunts, hunting property available, or any other outfitting craving and we'll get back to you. Because we know how it is to have that big hunt desire!